Social Security recently celebrated its 79th Birthday!

Social Security recently celebrated its 79th Birthday! One of our senators sent me a reminder – how kind of him to notice…


“Social Security is going broke!” We’ve been hearing it now for decades.

This old canard is often followed by calls to privatize Social Security and let Wall Street manage the money – a terrible solution for a problem that simply doesn’t exist.

Social Security turns 79 today, and is still going strong. Last year, the program ran a $32 billion surplus, adding to its $2.7 trillion trust fund. That’s not what I’d call “going broke.”

We’ll always need to make small adjustments to Social Security’s finances over the years as our demographics change, just as we always have. But I’ll fight any attempt to dismantle or privatize one of the most successful government programs in our history.

It’s hard to overstate Social Security’s role in creating and protecting the American middle class. Before it was signed into law in 1935, only the wealthiest Americans could ever afford to “retire”. Today, thanks to Social Security, most Americans are able to retire with a degree of dignity and independence that was unimaginable just a few generations ago.

I’ve been fighting to protect and preserve Social Security since the beginning of my career as co-founder of Oregon’s Gray Panthers. With your support, we’ll keep Social Security healthy for the next 79 years and beyond.

Thank you for your support.

Ron Wyden

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p.s. Belated Happy Birthday Social Security!