Why you need an attorney when applying for Social Security Disability benefits (part 1 of 2)

Why you need an attorney when applying for Social Security Disability benefits
(part 1 of 2)

Some Food for Thought
If you are considering applying for your Social Security Disability without a lawyer, you should think it over after hearing all the facts. The government reports that the percentage of favorable rulings for people who make SSD claims with an attorney is at 61%, while those who apply without one are only 39% successful.

This statistic is huge, when you think about the time and money that can be wasted if your claim is rejected. A Portland Social Security Disability attorney may sound like something you cannot afford, but keep in mind: the attorney fee is regulated by federal law and you are only charged a fee if your Portland SSD lawyer wins your claim. The fee can only go up to a maximum $6,000 or 25% of your disability backpay, whichever amount is lower. It is just not realistic to pursue a claim on your own without an experienced lawyer.

Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney
Starting with the early stages of filling out the application to the hearing stage and every other step of the way, a Portland Social Security disability lawyer will know what it takes to present your case in the most favorable light. The lawyer will have the resources to determine if your condition matches the impairments listed in what is called the SSD Blue Book and what you need to do to persuade Social Security when they are ready to hear your claim.

The Social Security Administration holds more than 750,000 hearings per year. The Agency employs over 1,700 ALJs in 170 hearing offices and each judge will try nearly 500 cases yearly. That means that the Administrative Law Judge on your case will have between three and four hours to review the evidence, hold a hearing, and issue a decision. Being prepared and having the right evidence can make all the difference as to whether you win or lose your case.

Having an SSD attorney expedites the process of obtaining all the pertinent paperwork, medical forms, and opinion letters from your physicians. A Portland disability attorney will also help you provide convincing testimony at the hearing with the possibility of confirming your disability via cross-examination from an independent Medical Expert.

In a worst case scenario of having to appeal your case after a hearing, your Portland SSD lawyer can draft complex legal arguments that prove to the appeals court that the Social Security judge made a mistake in denying your claim.

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