Why you need an attorney when applying for Social Security Disability benefits (part 2 of 2)

Why you need an attorney when applying for Social Security Disability benefits
(part 2 of 2)

When Should You Call a Portland SSD Lawyer?
In reality, you should call for a free consultation before you even start the Social Security Disability process. You’ll gain valuable knowledge in your own case and in how the SSD attorney operates. You should be able to find out just how strong your case is off your initial phone call.

Waiting before beginning the application phase is better than rushing into it and finding out the hard way later that you should have hired an attorney. It usually takes 6 months or more to get a ruling on your claim. Then, if you have to appeal your application, you’re faced with even more adversity with a denial rate of about 87%. That means another 4 months at least that may be wasted before you finally hire a Portland SSD attorney to help you get what is rightfully yours.

This is actually a fairly common series of events. Most people decide to hire a lawyer after their initial application denial. Remember, if your attorney can win your application claim, his fee is capped at 25% of your backpay, with a $6k maximum fee limit.

Expedite the process to receive your disability pay when you need it.
Another key advantage to hiring Portland Social Security representation for your claim is that they can move your application through each stage of the process to avoid any hiccups or mistakes that keep you stuck waiting longer for your next decision. An SSD attorney can also make a request from the judge for what is called an on-the-record decision. This essentially allows you to be approved without even going through a hearing.

Those with serious medical conditions or destitute financial situations really benefit from an attorney the most. They can’t afford to wait until next year to get help paying for basic and essential goods that they need to survive. For some, it can literally mean the difference between life or death.

The system doesn’t work well (most of the time)
After taking all the advantages of hiring a lawyer for Social Security Disability benefits into consideration, there is still, yet, a low success rate of expediting a case, even when you are client that has a serious illness and need it the most. Also, if you already have started the application process and submitted it to Social Security, a lawyer can give a professional opinion on your situation. If you want a fighting chance, though, you should absolutely have an experienced attorney with you every step of the long, frustrating, and often times broken process of winning Social Security Disability benefits.

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