Reasons for a Claim Denial (click for a video)

Reasons for a Claim Denial

The link below will take you to a video discussing some of the reasons why Social Security disability claims are denied.

Reasons for a Claim Denial

Filling out the paperwork for Social Security Disability benefits can be tricky because mistakes can result in a denial, which happens in more than two-thirds of all cases. The good news is that when an applicant appeals her or his case to a Social Security administrative law judge, the applicant has a fair chance of being approved for benefits. A Portland Social Security disability attorney can provide additional information on the application and appeal processes.

Unfortunately, about 85% of those who appeal their initial or first stage denial are again denied at the second stage or reconsideration in another process that also lasts several months and often increases one’s level of frustration. Clearly, many individuals suffering from legitimate disabling conditions that prevent them from working are denied Social Security disability benefits when they apply and again when they ask for reconsideration of that initial denial. The most common mistake people make is not appealing a Social Security denial of a claim for disability benefits.

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