Learn More About Applying for Social Security Benefits

6 Common Mistakes for Disability Applicants to Avoid

We understand the application can be complicated, and you will need to provide supporting documentation in order to convince the Social Security Administration to approve your case. Our Portland Social Security disability attorney has observed six common pitfalls that clients make when they are applying for benefits, and our competent lawyers can help you avoid these mistakes.

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As your SSD lawyer will explain, you can take advantage of 2 alternate ways to prove your disability to the Social Security Administration. Be sure to ask your Portland Social Security disability attorney to elaborate on each of these alternative steps and find out how she or he can help you when you take any of these steps.


VIDEO – Reasons for Claim Denial

Filling out the paperwork for Social Security Disability benefits can be tricky because mistakes can result in a denial, which happens in nearly two-thirds of all cases. The good news is that when an applicant appeals their case, they will generally win. A Portland Social Security disability attorney can provide additional information on the application process.