About the Portland Oregon Disability Attorneys of Cascadia Disability Law LLC:

Cascadia Disability Law LLC Portland Disability Benefits Attorney serves people seeking disability benefits. We assist individuals with disabilities in achieving a modicum of financial and healthcare security. We help clients seeking benefits from all Social Security disability programs. Portland Disability Benefits Attorney offers a free initial telephone or in-person consultation and there are no upfront legal fees, if we do not win you benefits there are no attorney’s fees. Call or email us anytime – 503-891-8376, Help@cascadiadisabilitylaw.com.

The Portland Disability Benefits Attorney and Staff of Cascadia Disability Law approach our relationship toward each client with compassion, dedication, concern, respect and care. When you hire the Portland Disability Benefits Attorney we are with you every step of the way. We can consult with you when you are deciding to pursue disability benefits. Assist you when applying for benefits we can.  Portland Disability Benefits Attorney will pursue your appeal of a denial of your claim for benefits. We prepare you for a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. Cascadia Disability Law treats you with dignity and respect. When you contact Portland Disability Benefits Attorney, you speak with caring individuals focused on winning benefits for you. We assist individuals with disabilities. We never forget that you are a human being attempting to get to a better place. With us you are never merely a file number in a high-volume caseload or an inconvenient interruption.

Call before you apply - 503-891-8376 or 800-891-0867.

Call a Portland disability Attorney before you apply!

503-891-8376 | 800-891-0867 Get a NO-COST evaluation of your Social Security disability case by a professional Portland disability attorney. We help our clients file for Social Security disability benefits the right way, from the start!

The Social Security Administration (SSA) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have a number of programs affording benefits to individuals with disabilities. The great majority of individuals suffering from disabling conditions that prevent them from working have their initial applications for Social Security or Veterans disability benefits denied and denied again upon reconsideration. When an application is denied the individual has the legal right to appeal that decision — the deadlines for appealing a denial generally are strict and not very long so an individual should not delay in appealing a denial from the SSA or VA.

We prepare your case to present it in the most favorable light for the SSA or VA. The attorneys, representatives and staff of Cascadia Disability Law secure medical evidence, get doctors’ opinions and take witness statements. We explain the Social Security and VA processes and what your options are. The attorneys of Cascadia Disability Law advise individuals whether to file a claim for Social Security or VA disability benefits and which types of benefits to seek. We have a convenient office located in wonderful Portland, Oregon and regularly serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest – including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and California. If you would like a free telephone or in-person consultation with an experienced Social Security Disability or Veterans Administration disability benefits lawyer, call 503-891-8376 or email (Help@CascadiaDisabilityLaw.com) us today or anytime!

Who is the Portland Disability Benefits Attorney of Cascadia Disability Law LLC?

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