Oregon Disability Attorney – Who We Are

Brian Scott Wayson has:

  • Zeal for assisting people with the Social Security Disability claims. Brian has seen the results of this system first hand – starting with his own mother while he was still attending law school. Despite her terminal cancer, brain tumor, heart condition and seven operations his mother repeatedly was denied Social Security Disability benefits – only being allowed benefits after a former North Carolina governor interceded on her behalf. Brian knows that underneath every injustice put out by the large bureaucracy is a human being just trying to survive with dignity and respect. Vulnerable individuals should not face this challenge without committed advocates by their side, lawyers who put forward the strongest possible case at every step of the process, optimizing the claimants’ chances for a favorable outcome at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Represented numerous claimants at Social Security administrative hearings and assisted other attorneys in the preparation for hundred of other hearings. In addition, he has drafted many Social Security Appeals Council briefs and United States District Court opening and reply briefs.
  • As an attorney, worked in a high-volume law practice – interviewing hundreds of potential new clients, meeting with multitudes of current clients, preparing cases for numerous hearings, managing the activities and work product of multiple staff persons and representing scores of clients at hearings and on appeals. This work was both time-sensitive due to varying deadlines and time-pressured due to the nature of the practice – I learned a lot, but know that a focused considerate methodology is more effective for our clients.
  • Gratitude and most of all, is thankful for all I have, including my awesome family, wonderful friends and courageous clients.

Brian Scott Wayson is:

  • Adept at sizing up situations, systematically analyzing facts and developing alternative courses of action to achieve sensible solutions.
  • Considered a clear and effective oral and written communicator with the ability to concisely interpret complex laws, regulations and court opinions, using a common sense approach.
  • Blessed with extensive experience in effectively working with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, allowing him to be a good listener.
  • Well-versed in client counseling, claim analysis, case preparation, and hearing and appeal representation.
  • Aware that while the journey is challenging, successful outcomes for his clients are particularly rewarding.
  • Recognized for forming quality relationships quickly and instilling a high level of confidence among those with whom he interacts.
  • A graduate of the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College.
  • Acknowledged as a self-starter with an involved style of leadership.
  • Most of all, thankful for all I have, including my awesome family and wonderful friends.